Photos by Tom Keelin

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Above photos document an unusual Grand Slam -- all five species of Pacific Salmon caught and released on flies within a 4 hour period -- 8 AM - 12 noon, July 19, 2000. The Kanectoc River Base Camp (20 miles upriver from Bristol Bay), superbly outfitted and run by Dave Duncan and Sons, is one of the few places in the world where this would be possible.

First fish of the morning was a silver salmon that arrived upriver two weeks ahead of its usual schedule. Next was the sockeye shown. Next was a pink (humpy) from the same pool. At that point, we went fishing for kings and shortly caught the one shown (about 25 lbs) from a mid-river island. Finally, we crossed the river to look for chums. The one shown completed the Grand Slam before lunch.

In addition, with the help of our enthusiastic and excellent guide, Ryan O'Toole ("Ryno" below), we completed a Super Grand Slam -- all eight game fish species on the Kanectoc within 24 hours -- by adding a rainbow trout, a char, and a graying.
EveningBrothers EveningHorseshoes F1-BeaverDams F2-KanectocMarina FlyTyingBench
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AlaskanSockeye Lagoon
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