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First Flyrod Fish "World Record" Corbina Salmon and Squawfish

"First Flyrod Fish" was Tom's first fish on a flyrod, a 6 lb 13 oz brown trout taken from Hamilton Branch, near Lake Almanor, in Plumas County, May, 1991. Kristen was less than one year old.

"World Record" corbina is a 6.5 lb corbina caught and released in La Jolla, CA on July 3, 2000. This fish took the fly (size 6 white puff shrimp) just north of Scripps pier, dragged this fisherman and his 5 wt flyrod through the pier, and was photographed and released on the south side. As the IFGA flyfishing world record prior to this date for California corbina (all tippet sizes) was 4.5 lb, this fish, had it been officially documented, would have set a new world record by a large margin. However, I did not have an IFGA certified scale with me, so IFGA application was not possible.

"Salmon and Squawfish" is a unique photo of a 12 lb king salmon and a 10 lb squawfish taken at the same time at dusk on size 12 flies and 3x tippets on the lower Sacramento River, south of Redding, September, 2000. Jim Dwulet, who caught the monseter squawfish, is photographing guide Ernie -- holding it. Tom Keelin is holding the king salmon that he caught and released.